No. 406, 4th floor
Department of Computational and Data Sciences building
Indian Institute of Science
Bengaluru 560012.

080 2293 3799

How to Reach IISc

Directions to IISc campus from the Airport, Railway station and Majestic

Bengaluru is connected by air, rail and road to all the metropolises and most major cities of the country. Also, one can fly direct to Bengaluru from several international airports

Note: The Institute is known as “Tata Institute” to the locals. It is better to use the name “Tata Institute” with the taxi, auto-rickshaw drivers, and bus conductors. The institute is located between Malleswaram and Yeswantpura.

From Airport:

IISc is about 35kms from the airport. One could take either a prepaid taxi (currently, costs Rs. 750, and the counter is available near the exit of the Airport Building), or a city taxi (costs about Rs. 700, and a queue for the same is just outside the airport building). The Institute is known as “Tata Institute” to the locals and is just past Mekhri circle and on the way to Yeshwantpura (one must take a right turn at Mekhri circle). A Shuttle bus service, operated by Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), runs from the airport to various areas in Bengaluru city every 15 minutes. Details of the schedule can be found here. Additional information on the airport can also be found at its official website: (

From Railway Station:

KSR Railway Station :

The city railway station is about 7 kms from the IISc campus. One will have to leave the station from platform number ONE and reach the prepaid taxi stand and hire a city taxi (costs about Rs 150). Majestic  (7kms from IISc) is the central Bus stand in Bengaluru and is just opposite  the City Railway station. If one happens to reach Majestic, Bengaluru by bus, go to city bus  platform number 22 from where almost all city buses come to the Institute.

Yeswantpur Railway Station:

The Yeshwantpura railway station is located  less than 2 km from the institute campus. One can take a ‘pre-paid’ auto from the counter located outside the exit gate of platform number 6. The prepaid autos shouldn’t charge more than Rs. 80 (as of Sep 2013), and is the best deal given the options available. The landmark is CNR Rao Circle from where one would take the entry to IISc. Though the prepaid contract says IISc (Tata Institute as more popularly known) gate as the destination, the hostels and most of the academic departments are within 500 mts from the gate, and hence the auto can be requested to drop at your destination

Bangalore Cantonment Railway Station:

Another important railway station in Bengaluru is ‘Cantonment Railway Station’ , also known as ‘Bengaluru Cant’. The distance from this station to IISc is almost same as the Bengaluru City railway station and it also has prepaid auto-rickshaw facility. You can also use the bus services from the bus stop just opposite to the station. The Bus routes are 94A and E, 252A, 270A, 272, 276A.

Majestic Bus Stand:

Majestic is one of the central Bus station in Bangalore.From majestic Bus Stand , You can take avail the bus services to Tata Institute from platform Number 22 of Majestic bus station: Bus Route: 252 E, 258 C, 271 E, 273 C, 275, 99 A and B. Alight at ‘Tata Institute’ Bus Stop.

Bus Stops:  Malleswaram 18th cross bus stand , bus stop on the highway between the yellow over bridge and Prof. CNR Rao circle, and another one at Prof. CNR Rao circle (on Sir CV Raman Road ), bus stop at Yeshwantpura tollgate, just off campus near R block. Most buses go to one of these places.